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Friday, March 28, 2003

Crony Capitalism On The Ropes?

Newsweek reports:

After taking some political heat, Halliburton is stepping out of the kitchen. The giant energy and construction firm once managed by Vice President Dick Cheney is no longer in the running for a $600 million rebuilding contract in postwar Iraq, NEWSWEEK has learned.

Surely this development will be a big disappointment to the many on the left who just KNOW that the fix is in. They can't quite put a finger on what the fix is, since Mr. Cheney now has no position with or holdings in Halliburton, but they KNOW it's out there.

Newsweek notes: What remains unclear is whether Halliburton took itself out of the running for the contract, was asked by the Bush administration to do so or whether its bid was simply not deemed competitive. If Halliburton was the best contender and has been excluded (or excluded itself) in order to avoid political fallout, that would be unfortunate, because Halliburton has much to offer.

Does this mean that crony capitalism is on the ropes? Just when the pickings should be getting good? Dear me.

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