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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The ICC Simply Must Go

The world's "international legal experts" say that George Bush and Tony Blair (and, presumably a host of others complicitous in the liberation of Iraq - including all 30 countries supporting the effort) are probably war criminals - but its OK because they are war criminals who will get away with it:

Most experts in international law say they are not convinced either by the argument that military action against Iraq is authorized by earlier U.N. resolutions nor that the U.N. Charter allows self-defense against a perceived future threat. … Laetia Husson, a researcher at the International Law Center at the Sorbonne university in Paris, said international action to declare a breach of the U.N. Charter was unlikely. "There is little chance of condemnation by the United Nations because they will be paralyzed by the U.S. veto in the Security Council," she said. Washington and Baghdad do not recognize the International Criminal Court inaugurated last week and it has yet to define a crime of aggression. But it could still try Britain and other U.S. allies that recognize it on any war crimes charges.

The entire idiocy that is the International Criminal Court simply must be brought to a rapid, merciful end.


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