Man Without Qualities

Sunday, March 23, 2003

No Weill

The Man Without Qualities is no fan of many actions, policies and statements of New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer. But his response to the nomination to the New York Stock Exchange board of Citigroup Inc.'s Chairman and Chief Executive Sanford "Sandy" Weill is exactly right:

"To put Sandy Weill on the board of the exchange as the public's representative is a gross misjudgment and a violation of trust." Spitzer told the New York Times that he was "apoplectic" when he read that Weill had been nominated.

Mr. Weill has now wisely withdrawn his nomination.

What in God's name was the nominator thinking? Who was the individual instigator of that nomination, anyway? What's wrong with the New York Stock Exchange that such a nomination was entertained for even a moment?

Names should be named. In public.

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