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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Trending Away, She Said

Donna Brazile, who managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign, is awake and alarmed and - regardless of whether one agrees with her policies - very smart:

"We cannot afford to be talking just to the anti-war people. That's easy. We have to talk to everybody, especially independents," about the war, she said. "After I heard [the Arab television network] Al Jazeera broadcasting that videotape showing what the Iraqis did to the American POWs, I was livid. ... We have to send out the strongest possible message of support. Talk to any Americans, and they have relatives or they know someone on that battlefield. They want to hear that message that we support their kids. Right now we have to support our men and women over there. ... It's personal for me, having family members and friends in the armed services. At the end of 2002 I was moving more and more to the right on the war. ... Hussein is a very dangerous man."

Miss Brazile's father served in the Korean War.

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