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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Trending Away

This just in (thanks to Croooow Blog):

Jewish groups have gotten a pretty clear view of the courage their longtime Democratic friends have exhibited over Rep. Jim Moran's anti-Semitic comments. According to a staffer for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, it and several other groups, including the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee, had pressed hard for such senators as John Edwards, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Edward Kennedy and Barbara Boxer to come out hard and loud against Moran.

"They wanted Moran to hear it from everywhere on the Hill," says the AIPAC staffer. "But we're shocked by the silence over the past few days."

Edwards, among others, has put out press releases expressing dismay and displeasure over Moran's comments. But with the exception of Daschle, who was asked about Moran at a press conference set up for to discuss another issue, few Democrats have been out front on the Moran comments the way they were after Trent Lott's comments last December.

"It's a disappointment," says the AIPAC staffer. "We expected better of the Democrats, many of whom we've strongly supported in the past. They should know that we do remember these kinds of things."

The Democrats really seem to think that the American Jewish community is not going to understand what has been happening in the loathesome Moran matter.

How stupid is that?

UPDATE: Better late than never, the mainstream press reacts and Moran, more-or-less, leaves.

But it all seems like pulling teeth from a cat.

Again, links from Crooow Blog.

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