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Monday, March 03, 2003

Would You Care For Some Refreshments?

A survey of cities, commissioned by Mercer Human Resource Consulting says Zurich, Vancouver, Vienna, Geneva and Sydney have the "top quality of life" - and in that order. Auckland, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Munich and Berne all tied for fifth spot.

The study is said to be based on 39 criteria ranging from political, social and economic factors that also included the quality of health, education and transport services. But, frankly, the whole list is distinctly lacking in dynamism. For example: Vienna? The average age of a pedestrian in Vienna looks (unscientifically) to be about 60 years. And there's a reason for that: Vienna offers essentially no opportunities for advancement, growth, expansion or dynamism. The city is all too close to being a beautiful, comfortable Memorial Park. And I love Vienna - at least when I can get some of the historical associations out of my mind for a while, which, frankly, isn't easy.

In fact, the whole list seems to be of places where people of a certain level of education, culture and money would like to retire.

The world's best God's Waiting Rooms.

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