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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The Depths! The Mysteries!

It certainly comes as no surprise to any reasonable, even non-genius, observor of United Nations propensities that:

United Nations officials looked the other way as Saddam Hussein's regime skimmed $2 billion to $3 billion in bribes and kickbacks from the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program, said U.N. officials who told ABCNEWS they were powerless to stop the massive graft.

Of course, George Soros did nothing to monitor or prevent any of that United Nations misbehavior - nor did he have any obligation to do so. But any financial genius, especially a genius uber-trader such as Mr. Soros, knows that timing is everything! So it surely is an inscrutable act of GENIUS on the GREAT MAN'S part that, only hours ago:

Soros told a news conference that his Open Society Institute would set up a unit called Iraqi Revenue Watch to monitor the use of Iraq's oil exports to finance reconstruction projects approved by the US-led occupying forces. "There is a widespread belief that the war was fought for oil and that it was fought to benefit the Halliburtons and the Bechtels of this world," he said.

Yes, indeed. How much more the world needs to be protected from the Halliburtons and the Bechtels than from the Saddam Husseins and the wayward types at the United Nations who were supposed to be watching out for the integrity of the "Food For Peace" program - none of which appears to have either required or received monitoring from the Open Society Institute's Iraqi Revenue Watch!

Ah, the depths and mysteries of genius!

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