Man Without Qualities

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Idiots Savantes Running The New York Times!

In an interview that is reportedly to appear in the New York Observor today (May 21), Jayson Blair says:

"I know I shouldn’t be saying this - I fooled some of the most brilliant people in journalism ... They’re all so smart, but I was sitting right under their nose fooling them.” ... While ridiculing what he called "idiot" editors at the Times, he also said it was "kind of unfair" to blame Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd for his misconduct. He said Boyd, the paper’s highest-ranking black editor, tried to block his promotion to the national staff.

Some of the most brilliant people in journalism are idiot editors at the Times? Yes, indeed. So says Jayson Blair - star reporter! I can't wait for his book!

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