Man Without Qualities

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Another Obvious Republican Mole!

Looking forward to a possible Supreme Court vacancy, suppose some Republican strategist wanted to lay a foundation for undermining Democratic opposition to a Bush-appointed replacement. Such a strategist might hope to find some way to show that Democrats - or at least the people running the Democratic National Committee - were determined to oppose virtually any candidate.

So almost nothing could make the work of such a Republican strategist easier that the Democrats actually creating and displaying on their own web site a badly executed and crudely conceived cartoon savaging the President's choice as a "right wing extremist" with "no heart" before any candidate is identified or a vacancy on the Court even occurs - right? That would be rather strong evidence to bring out during a confirmation fight to show Democratic bad faith - right?

So somebody like Karl Rove has obviously planted a mole in the DNC, right?

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