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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Davis Descending X: Demonizing All The Way Down

The Man Without Qualities has warned and predicted that the efforts by those resisting the recall of California Governor Gray Davis would get a lot worse than mere harrassment of recall petition signature gatherers. It promptly did get worse - at least on the rhetorical front.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

A group created by organized labor to derail a recall against Gov. Gray Davis on Tuesday ... attempted to indirectly link a Republican congressman financing the recall campaign to Nazi sympathizers.

But it will get even worse. And not just the rhetoric.

Congressman Issa shouldn't leave his car parked on the street overnight, for example.

Link thanks to Mike Daley.

Not to be outdone, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's chief and current President of the EU, appeared to compare a German lawmaker with a Nazi concentration camp commander during a speech to the European Parliament.

Maybe there's a bug going around that makes people compare other people to Nazis?

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