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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Davis Descending XIX: Recall Certain

The Associated Press reports:

[California] Secretary of State Kevin Shelley said in a news conference that counties had reported 1.3 million valid petition signatures, well more than the 897,158 required for the recall to make it on the ballot. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante will schedule an election, which could be held as early as Sept. 23.

And the Financial Times adds:

"The recall is deemed to immediately qualify," [Secretary of State Kevin Shelley] said, noting that he had certified the "first recall election of a governor in California history." ....

According to a poll by ABC news, [former Republican gubernatorial candidate William] Simon has a 27 per cent approval rating among likely voters. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the moderate Republican actor with no experience of elections, showed up strongest in the survey with 57 per cent approval, far higher than in earlier surveys.

Richard Riordan, the former Los Angeles mayor, also a moderate Republican, rated 36 per cent, while Darrell Issa, the Republican congressman who funded the petition project was liked by 32 per cent of those questioned.

Maybe people liked T3. I did.

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