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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Davis Descending XXII: No Di Fi Today

Reports (Kausfiles and Daniel Weintraub and the Los Angeles Times - but the Times only reports that Senator Feinstein is being "urged" to run by others) that Dianne Feinstein may place her name on the ballot as an alternative/replacement to Governor Davis are far fetched.

For one thing, if that happened, Senator Feinstein would get the brunt of the Governor's coming multi-million dollar demonization campaign. She's not going to want to stand for that - why should she?

The entire Davis wing of her own party - and that wing does exist - would hate her.

Such a move would be all but fully contrary to her prior statements of solidarity with Davis - and would also be contrary to Terry McAuliffe's assurances.

And where is the drop in the Governor's polls that would justify such a step? Yes, a new internal poll by the California teachers union reportedly shows him with a recall winning by a 57-43 margin. But, if anything, his ratings should be on the rise after the budget deal.

Moreover, if she jumps in, she may open the way for more Democrats to do it - thereby splitting the vote. She could come out looking ridiculous and disloyal.

That's not the Di Fi we know.

UPDATE: Hardly were the electrons of the preceding post through the semiconductor switches when Kausfiles reported:

Buried lede: But kf's omnipresent spies say Arianna's been telling her co-conferees at Walter Isaacson's Davosesque Aspen "Brainstorm" conference that she's learned Feinstein's not running--and that she, Arianna, is. ...

Imagine that. Whowuddathunkit? California politics are just so wild, crazy and unpredictable!

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