Man Without Qualities

Sunday, July 13, 2003


Four Democrats share the lead in a new national poll measuring support for the party's nine candidates ... Dick Gephardt had the backing of 14 percent of Democrats and those who lean Democratic in the Newsweek poll released Saturday. Joe Lieberman was at 13 percent, Howard Dean 12 percent and John Kerry 10 percent.

Missing in action to the point of not even warranting a mention in the linked article is the man with that wondeful lack of political seasoning which nevertheless has its virtues, the dazzling, refreshing, fresh-faced political greenhorn freshman senator John Edwards - this despite his having served up to the national public his trademark charming and boyishly attractive badinage in heaping doses over the past months.

But how can this be? The mainstream media and much of the blogosphere told us he has what it takes!

UPDATE: [A] poll released mid-week showed that 66% of Democrats STILL can't name a single candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. ... [I]t was a CBS poll.

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