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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Davis Descending XVII: Arnold Sez "Yes"

Drudge says that: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger says during taping of 'Tonight Show'' he will run for governor in California recall election!

I hope that is true, because he would probably make a much better governor than Gray Davis.

I also hope Arnold has a thick skin, beause there will be a lot of money spent by people trying to uncover and expose every bit of dirt they can. And, with the recall election scheduled for October 7, that dirt doesn't have to stick for long to be effective.

UPDATE: Reuters confirms it. As does the Asssociated Press.

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has said he would not enter the race if Schwarzenegger did.

BACKDATE: Left wing columnist Robert Scheer way ahead of the pack - in 2001:

Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor!

Well, why not? I hadn't thought of putting in a plug for the actor's political career until Gov. Gray Davis' top political operative, Garry South, conducted one of the meanest political smear jobs in recent memory.

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