Man Without Qualities

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Fight Club

In the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz's description of Al Franken's book includes this observation:

Franken doesn't merely denounce conservatives. He harasses them, provokes them, gets right up in their faces. He once called up National Review Editor Rich Lowry and challenged him to a fight in a parking garage. Lowry declined.

Gee, if Mr. Franken challenged me to a fight in a parking garage, I wouldn't decline - at least I wouldn't decline if he signed a formal, written release and consent and there were witnesses. On the other hand, I wouldn't count the results of that fight as settling anything over which we disagree.

But I wouldn't decline.

Mr. Franken? O, ... Mr. Franken? Over here, Mr. Franken! YOO - HOOOO, MR. FRANKEN!

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