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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Davis Descending XLI: New Polls For Old

The ticker tape running beneath Hannity & Colmes reports that two new polls, one by Survey USA and one associated with Stanford, both show Arnold Schwarzenegger leading Cruz Bustamante by rather wide margins - with the recall favored in each case by 62% of likely voters.

And the Democrats' choice for their 2004 presidential nominee turns out to be a no-brainer: Al Gore!


[A]ccording to a new Los Angeles Times poll.

Likely voters in the Oct. 7 election support the ouster of Davis by 50% to 47%, with just 3% undecided, the poll found. The result, a statistical tossup, is virtually unchanged from an August Times poll.

The Democratic governor remains highly unpopular, but by at least one measure, his standing has improved: 63% of likely voters disapprove of his job performance, down from 72% in last month's poll.

The LA Times poll shows Arnold Schwarzenegger (25%) trailing Cruz Bustamante (30%), with McClintock drawing 18% and withdrawn candidate Peter Uberroth at 8%.

Once curious aspect of these LA Times poll numbers is that the Republican-associated candidates collectively draw 51% of the vote, a recurring pattern in many of the polls. That, in turn, suggests that the recent poor performance of Republicans in California may be more the result of structure than basic appeal - that is, the Republicans may need to find candidates that bridge their conservative-moderate gap (or perhaps some other, less obvious, gap).

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