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Monday, September 22, 2003

More Republican Dirty Tricks!

On September 20, the New York Post reported:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday abruptly yanked all the run-for-president e-mails off her official Web site in a bid to stop speculation that she's leaving the door open to a 2004 White House bid.

Which makes sense, because Slate's Tim Noah says that all of the names Hillary Clinton had deleted were of Republicans!

How else are we to construe this Noah passage:

After considerable investigative effort, Chatterbox was able to identify five Democrats who think Hillary Clinton should enter the nomination race.

Since scads of letters urging Senator Clinton to run were deleted from her website, Mr. Noah must be telling us that those letters were all from Republicans!

And who knew that Hillary Clinton had so many close Republican supporters!? How else to reconcile Mr. Noah's research with this recent statement by her husband regarding her possible run for the Presidency in 2004:

"That's really a decision for her to make," he said. Then he added, as if an afterthought: "She's being urged by supporters in spite of her commitment to serve out her six-year Senate term."

Well, Mr. Noah has an answer for Bill Clinton:

[T]he Draft Hillary '04 forces probably won't secure their candidate's Democratic nomination. Why not? Because they're all Republicans!

Yep. Mr. Noah really has his ear to the ground. Smart as a whip, that one.

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