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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Iraqi Loans: The Prime of Ms. Maria Cantwell

The Senate has voted to convert one half of the Administration's $20.3 billion Iraqi rebuilding plan into a loan. The Administration correctly argued that loans would worsen Iraq's foreign debt, slow its recovery and hand a propaganda victory to America's enemies. Such loans are much worse and much less legitimate national obligations than bank loans made to other third world countries because the United States fully controls the borrower. This will be, in effect, an infliction of credit on Iraq.

Eight Republicans voted for the loan plan. But some Democrats opposed the loan proposal, including Joseph Biden of Delaware, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, and Zell Miller of Georgia.

Maria Cantwell?!!?

Senator Cantwell's expression of good sense on this vote in the face of party and media pressure is almost enough to make one not dearly desire her removal from the Senate.

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