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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Copyright Erosion

Could any sensible person look at these kitchen cutting boards incorporating Monet's Water Lilies (Price: $16.95), Van Gogh's Irises (Price: $16.95) and New! Cezanne's Oranges (Price: $16.95) and not realize that each of of these artists would have preferred, say, pulling out all of his fingernails with a pair of plyers to licensing his painting to appear in this form and on this product?

Could any sensible person not understand that a main reason these artists would not have permitted such licensing is that it degrades the value of the original - and all copies - in favor of the marginal benefit to the product vendor?

Could any sensible person look at these products and fail to understand that copyright is not a "public good?"
No. No sensible person could.

Order yours now. It's not too late!

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