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Monday, November 17, 2003

Herr Doktorprofessor, Heal Thyself II

It seems that the "deal" cut in Congress does include some kind of premium support (that is, vouchers) - and AARP is supporting the deal:

WILLIAM NOVELLI, CEO of the AARP, said his group would “pull out all the stops” to pass the legislation, including a three-day television advertising campaign this week. The bill is not perfect, he conceded, “but the country can’t afford to wait for perfect. On balance, it’s the right thing for seniors in America and their families.” ....

The legislation creates a $12 billion fund to help managed-care plans take hold among the Medicare population.

So Mr. Novelli seems to be interested in whether the bill would generally improve medical care for seniors - exactly the question that Herr Doktorprofessor Paul Von Krugman is inclined to leave aside. Herr Doktorprofessor seems to be standing together with the senior Congressional Democrats, who are focusing on the political aspects of the bill - not whether it improves medical care.

Is Herr Doktorprofessor going to argue that AARP has developed a bad case of "false consciousness?" Doesn't AARP realize that Herr Doktorprofessor has been sounding the clarion call that this legislation is intended to "undermine" Medicare?

Dear me. Dear me. Why aren't people listening to Herr Doktorprofessor?

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