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Monday, December 08, 2003

Corporate Governance In Disneyland: A Sad Chapter IV

The New York Times reports its version of the current state of Disney/Eisner affairs:

[Michael Eisner's] position as the chief executive of the Walt Disney Company appears secure... Yet former board executives, crucial employees and other people in Hollywood now feel emboldened to criticize Mr. Eisner in a manner more vociferous than at any other time in his nearly 20 years as chief executive. ....

But scathing on-the-record comments - at least those not part of legal proceedings, like Mr. Katzenberg's against Disney - are a rarity in a business where the knives truly come out when someone is considered finished.

It seems that the Times is rather coyly suggesting that what appears to be Mr. Eisner's security is not actually the case at all.

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