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Monday, December 08, 2003

Gored Again

Word is out that Al Gore is about to endorse Howard Dean, which the New York Times reports would be a move that Democrats said would provide a huge boost to Dr. Dean's candidacy.

I'm not sure that the Times has that one right.

Howard Dean has indicated that he intends to purge the Democratic National Committee of Clintonian residues. Also, Wesley Clark has essentially been inserted into and maintained in the campaign by the Clintons as the "anti-Dean."

Mr. Gore's endorsement of the former Vermont governor may or may not be a big boost to his chances to obtain the Democratic nomination, but Mr. Gore's move is certainly a strong indication that Al Gore hates the Clintons ...

... and doesn't care all that much for his former runnning mate, Senator Lieberman, either.

UPDATE: An astute reader hits the mark with this e-mailed observation:

Also note that, according to the account I read, Gore is making the announcement in Harlem. Harlem, of course, is where Clinton located his office. There may be other reasons behind this choice, but it sure looks as if at least part of the motivation may be to snub Clinton on his own front steps.

That's it - rub it in, Al. Rub it in real deep.

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