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Monday, January 12, 2004

Nagourney, The Tenth Candidate

Although the New York Times would choose Howard Dean over George Bush in a heart beat, the Times still doesn't really like Dr. Dean - and Times reporter Nagourney especially doesn't like Dr. Dean. DRUDGE reports that Mr. Nagourney is readying an article for tomorrow that will include assertions such as this one:

"With the rest of the field working in Iowa, Gen. Wesley Clark has taken advantage in New Hampshire to move up in the polls behind Dean, drawing crowds that are beginning to rival Dean's and threatening his once dominant position in the state."

But according to today's New Hampshire Poll, Dr. Dean's lead over Wesley Clark is now 36-19%. That's a gap of seventeen percentage points. Previously Senator Kerry was number two in New Hampshire with pretty much the same gap - which is what caused many people to view him as finished. Now it's Clark's turn. What's the surprise or disappointment? Where was Kerry's support supposed to go?

Is the Times actually trying to change the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary results with this kind of report?

UPDATE: The article appears to be everything DRUDGE said it would be.

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