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Monday, January 05, 2004

Spider Agonistes

Over on The Bleat, Lileks or somebody (Gnat? The geek boards?) is, well, bleating, about the coming Spider Man -2 movie:

Hes named Doctor Octopus for a reasen ok? Because he has eight arms??? How can he be Doc OCK when he only has SIX arms! This movie will suck so bad Luca$ will want to do the third oen and have Spidey fight JarJAr or no maybe ewoxs or something.

"Legs?" "Arms?" I simply will not abide somebody having some kind of frigging epistomogical crisis over Spiderman 2 (or "Spider-Man 2" or "Spider-Man II" or "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" or whatever). Heck, four of them (whatever they are) aren't even biological.

Six? Sheesh.


For God's sakes, he has EIGHT.

Two human arms. Four robot "arms/legs." Two human legs. That makes EIGHT. Count them yourself. Do spiders have eight "arms" and two "legs?" Ridiculous.

This is going to be a great movie. I can just sense it. And I was a DC fan.

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