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Sunday, March 14, 2004

An Unsurprising Finding

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Despite the political outcry over the outsourcing of white-collar jobs to such places as India and Ghana, the latest U.S. government data suggest that foreigners outsource far more office work to the U.S. than American companies send abroad. The value of U.S. exports of legal work, computer programming, telecommunications, banking, engineering, management consulting and other private services jumped to $131.01 billion in 2003, up $8.42 billion from the previous year, the Commerce Department reported Friday.

So, will Democrats (and a few Republicans) continue to demagogue this issue?

MORE: [S]mall businesses are finding that "offshoring" jobs is a boon to their bottom line -- and sometimes gives them room to create new jobs at home.

Will this kind of thing make the Democrats lay the heck off poor, struggling India? Sheesh.

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