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Friday, April 02, 2004

Eurocapitulation Doesn't Seem To Pay

Gee, the Spanish kicked out their government, and the new government promptly denounced the US and promised to pull out of Iraq.

And yet the Spanish still find a big bomb on the bullet train from Madrid.

Gee, what else could the Spanish do to suck up to al Qaida? Maybe pull out of Afghanistan, drop the investigation of the last bombing entirely, let the people they've already arrested go free, get on their knees and beg?

None of which would work.

Hey, I've got it! The whole country could convert to fundamentalist Islam and move back to the dark ages! That oughta show 'em! Then France and Germany could follow suit.

Can you imagine the look on the Turks' faces?

UPDATE: New shootings and explosions in Madrid. What does it take to buy peace these days, anyway?

Worse and worse.

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