Man Without Qualities

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Main Event

Amid all the fussing about Iraq and medals and ribbons and voting records, it's important to keep in mind that this election - like almost all Presidential elections - will be dominated by the performance of the domestic economy.

So, with a steady stream of good and improving economic news establishing itself, including an obviously improving job market, it is almost a sure thing that President Bush's approval ratings will go up.

That trend will continue if the economy keeps improving. And there are still more than five months to go.

The rest is just spin and secondary effects - with the most important being Senator Kerry's supremely unlikeable personality and personal political incompetence.

Question: Senator Kerry has ducked out of the public eye at odd times and for for oddly long times. Supposedly, a vacation and surgery. Is he taking acting and persona lessons in the basement - a la Naomi Wolf? If he is, they aren't showing an effect yet.

But if he's not taking such lessons, why not? Are his advisors so incompetent that they can't see the need? Or do they just view the matter as hopeless?

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