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Sunday, April 25, 2004

A New Front In The Cola Wars

A culturally alert reader e-mails:

Apparently no subject is too benign to escape the Left's propagandizing, where supposed world hatred of the USA is concerned. In this piece (from the Atlanta Constitution), the diminished appeal of Coca-Cola, of all things, is held up as yet another indicator of the world's disapproval. But what if the appeal hasn't really diminished, which would demolish the point? No problem:

"Europe, however, is a big market, and anti-American sentiment ran high through much of 2003. But Coke's sales were strong there last year, thanks to a massive heat wave."

So, take our word for it, USA hatred is as intense as ever, never mind the strong sales of Coke. Those are skewed by the hot weather, you see.

Coca Cola, victim of political tautology - and from it's home-town paper. Who would have thought? What will Warren Buffett say?

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