Man Without Qualities

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Coping With The Overzealous

Mickey Kaus points out that John Kerry is again blaming his overzealous speechwriters for his increasingly convoluted explanation for why he mentioned Jimmy Carter and James Baker as potential Mideast envoys, something that upset mainstream Jewish organizations. The Senator also says that overzealous speechwriters sneaked all that "Benedict Arnold corporations" demagoguery into his speeches that he is now repudiating.

This overzealous speechwriters excuse is a marvelous linguistic perpetual motion machine just waiting to transform our society. For example, just as Senator Kerry is not responsible for comments inserted into his verbal emissions by overzealous speechwriters, Martha Stewart and Frank P. Quattrone would not be sent to jail for statements made to federal investigators or to their business colleagues if those "criminal" statements were inserted by overzealous speechwriters! Ms. Stewart and Mr. Quattrone surely wouldn't be responsible for acts of overzealous speechwriters if Senator Kerry isn't.

Think of the possibilities! If John Kerry can get his transformative principle established he will make Al Gore look like a piker for inventing the internet.

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