Man Without Qualities

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

If Only ... IV

Tom Maguire reminds us of one of the many instances in which Sandy Berger has lied about his role in anti-terrorism, seriously and with malicious intent, to the media and Congress.

Maybe it's that reputation and his reported failure to inform them that he was under FBI investigation that has the Kerry campaign operatives so on edge, despite his bland assurances. And maybe that is what has much of the Democratic-biased media bordering on open panic.

Sandy Berger is just asking for their trust, again.
No wonder they're nervous.
Sandy's just asking them to go to battle for him, again.
No wonder they've panicked.
To mix quotations from the Bard's works, Sandy Berger is just asking the Democrats and the liberal media to go once more into the breach for the sake of TIME's fool!
"Come on, boys," the sergeant said, "Do you want to live forever!!"

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