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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Unintended Consequences?

His mind concentrated by a close-up look at Bill Clinton's anti-trust noose, Bill Gates, long presumed non-partisan or somehow vaguely moderate-Democratic, has become a rather high-profile Republican.

And now Microsoft is reportedly selling Slate, it's non-partisan or somehow vaguely moderate-Democratic on-line magazine.

The Clintonian enforcers joining with certain Utah Republicans (home of a Microsoft competitor) argued that Microsoft's browser-dominance allowed it to control the future! The "future," at the time, was the same as the ill-considered internet boom. That "future" is now long over, leaving us with the remains of the Microsoft case (Europeans salivating at the prospect of savaging Microsoft) and the question:

When the Beltway crowd maintained their ill-considered jihad against Microsoft did they imagine they would be affecting Mickey Kaus so profoundly?

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