Man Without Qualities

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Pathetic ... And Bound To Lose

One of the particularly pathetic aspects of the Kerry-Edwards response to the Swiftees' assault on John Kerry's post-Vietnam anti-war record is that the assault, and even its finer structure, was easy to see coming, as was noted by the Man Without Qualities way back on February 22:

So far, the media have been very weak in discussing Kerry's post-Vietnam-return antiwar activities - or the rest of his past, for that matter. After all, many of the people now involved in the mainstream media of Kerry's age participated in many of the same activities. The nation has learned to forgive them. Even Jane Fonda has apologized for some of what she did in the depths of her Vietnam era insanity - and on this point Ms. Fonda is more responsible than Senator Kerry, who does not apologize but instead just misrepresents his past. But if Kerry keeps pushing Vietnam, the Bush campaign won't be so gentle -and, ultimately, the media won't remain gentle, either. At some point Senator Kerry is going to have to stop misrepresenting his antiwar statements and outright apologize for some of them - especially his assertions to Congress that American soldiers were routinely war criminals. Veterans on the campaign trail are going to demand that of him - to his face.

Isn't that exactly what's happening now?

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