Man Without Qualities

Monday, August 16, 2004

Why Do They Hate Us?

The Democrats and liberal media have passionately and endlessly explained that the current president has caused our old European allies - especially Germany - to hate us. So tragic.

And now the same Democrats and liberal media are explaining that the Germans are now so unhappy with the bullying, unilateralist, lawless, America of Mr. Bush that they're hopping mad that he doesn't want to keep more of our soldiers there in Germany.

So I guess that if the Germans really, really loved us - the way they would under a President Kerry, I suppose - they would be out by the millions in the Berlin streets chanting "Yankee Go Home!"

Has history shown us that those Germans are just full of that kind of nuance and love to play hard-to-get!?

Ah, the inscrutable occident!

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