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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Just A Few More Questions, Mr. Burkett

Dan Rather's interview of Bill Burkett appears a textbook case of a reporter not asking the tough follow-up questions because he just doesn't want to know. Here are a few questions that Mr. Rather did not ask:

1. Mr. Burkett, you have now identified as your source of the questioned Killian Memos a certain "Luci Ramirez." What is your understanding of how Ms. Ramirez came to possess those documents? Do you know or have as knowledge of what her source was?

2. Do you know or have any idea of when Mr. Ramirez obtained her copies of the document?

3. How do you know Ms. Ramirez? What is the nature of your relationship with her? Why did she trust you in this matter? When was the last time you had contact with her?

4. Do you know or have any idea whether Ms. Ramirez is a Democratic Party activist, or has any contacts in the Kerry-Edwards campaign or the DNC?

5. Why did you agree to waive your confidentiality agreement with CBS at this point? Why have you now identified Ms. Ramirez to the world when you promised her you would not and when you wouldn't do so previously? Did Ms. Ramirez agree to that?

etc., etc., etc., ...

Just asking!

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