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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Why Tell? II

A perceptive reader e-mails some telling observations:

I think the whole LA Times story is a misdirection from Karl Rove. He may talk about turning out the base, and I believe Bush and Co. have spent the last year building a very solid grassroots organization in key areas. All the little indications are that the Republican base is highly energized (more TV viewers for the RNC than the DNC, the polls showing Bush holding 90-95% of Republicans etc.)

The key to understanding Rove's strategy is to notice where Bush has campaigned since the RNC convention last week:

Scranton, PA
Cleveland-Akron, OH
West Alllis, WI
Erie, PA

What do these areas have in common? Why, heavily unioniised, blue-collar Reagan Democrats, of course. Who appealed to these folks at the convention? Zell Miller.

This is the strategy for the Bush campaign: Get the Reagan Democrat vote, and my indications are that they are succeeding big time.

(BTW, Kerry is having to spend time and effort in these areas too, where he should have had tied up the base long ago.)

Makes sense to me.


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