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Monday, November 08, 2004

Another Day In The Life Of Terry McAuliffe II

The insanity continues:

"This party is stronger than it's ever been. We're in the best financial shape. We now have, unlike four years ago, millions and millions of new supporters of this party. We're debt-free for the first time ever, and we're beginning to build towards 2008" -- Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, after last Tuesday's elections.

Quote from OpinionJournal's e-mail service, Political Diary.

Mr. McAuliffe may be - at some subtle, nuanced level - a highly intelligent and talented being. At more obvious levels, the same is certainly true of Donna Brazile, Harold Ickes, Flipper and Dracula. None of those beings is an appropriate choice to be a national party chair - although Flipper and Dracula may edge out Ms. Brazile and Mr. Ickes, respectively, in that running.

It's close, though. Really, really close.

UPDATE: CBS News says that Mr. McAuliffe's "term is ending" - and that Howard Dean may want his job.

Against competition like Howard Dean candidates such as Flipper and Dracula are clearly way in the lead!

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