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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Another Day In The Life Of Terry McAuliffe

Having just delivered yet another electoral disaster for the party whose national committee he chairs, Terry McAuliffe is out in front today again hilariously thumbing his nose at reality:

"I don't think a 51-49 election is any mandate," Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic National Committee chairman, said in an interview.

Yes-in-deedy. And no doubt he wouldn't regard a 16-wheeler that ran him over on K Street to be any truck, either.

Of course, the persistence of the transparently incompetent and dangerous Mr. McAuliffe as Chairman of the DNC is proof positive that the dead hand of the Clintons continues to steer the Party's operations. As Mr. McAuliffe denigrates and misstates Mr. Bush's 51% to 48% win, is anyone going to remind the Chairman that he was installed in his current office by a President who was elected to office twice without garnering a majority of the popular vote either time? And is it just picking to think that a national party chairman should be able to state correctly the percentage of the popular vote his party's candidate received in commenting to the New York Times?

Mr. McAulifffe has been on a role of sorts. "This is the best election night in history," he noted on election day (Nov. 2, 2004), just before 8 p.m. EST - a time by which almost every other observor had already realized or strongly suspected that the voters had probably completely cooked almost every significant Democratic goose.

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