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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mr. Mel Gibson, Collect Call For You!

The Polar Express - Review:

This year, The Polar Express takes its swings at entering into the Christmas classic catalogue by throwing a bunch of kids on a train and making them question whether or not they should believe in Santa Claus, who for the purposes of this film will be treated a lot like Jesus. Jesus by the way is the guy who actually invented Christmas, yet somehow never makes it into Christmas movies. He keeps getting bumped out in favor of that fat, jolly, pretender.

Gee, Mr. Gibson ... if you're looking for, you know, some kind of a prequel .. I mean ... do you think? It wouldn't be, you know, very bloody (except for that "slaughter of the innocents" sub-plot, of course). But it might make people, even critics, fell good about themselves and even happy.

Just asking.

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