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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Will Mohammed Go To The Seven Storey Mountain, As Promised?

In an interview just before the election, asked what he would do if George W. Bush won another term, George Soros lamented: "I shall go into some kind of monastery."

OK, brave words. But did Soros "go private" yet as he promised he would? Of course, I assume he'll choose a place famous for its fruitcakes! Perhaps one that honors a vow of silence (we should be so lucky)? But just how does he plan to handle that "vow of poverty" detail?

There is evidence that Mr. Soros has been planning his "retreat" for some time! It turns out that way back in 2000 - when the nation faced the prospect of the first George W. Bush win - George Soros opened an Internet centre in a Russian Orthodox monastery funded by his philanthropic association, the Segodnia daily reported ... And it turns out that the Independent has reported that "no women, spartan food, whitewashed cells and a 3am prayer bell are just some of the ascetic delights drawing ... George Soros, to a remote peninsula in northern Greece ... to seek solace in the Orthodox monastic republic of Mount Athos."

Well, that's why he's a genius. Always thinking ahead. On the other hand, what does it mean for fruitcakes if the monastic menu is limited to "spartan food?" Has Mr. Soros really thought this thing through?

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