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Friday, October 28, 2005

Rove Apparently Clear III

As noted in prior posts (here and here), special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has not been acting at all like a federal prosecutor intending or likely to indict Karl Rove. Yet much of the mainstream media has found ways to misconstrue virtually every scrap of information into a sign that Mr. Rove likely to be indicted. Now the mainstream media has decided that Mr. Rove won't be indicted "today," but will "remain under investigation." The same people tell us that Scooter Libby will be indicted today.

Perhaps. Mr. Fitzgerald's visible actions with respect to Mr. Libby have been more ambiguous than those respecting Mr. Rove. For example, there are no reports that Mr. Libby testified for hours before the grand jury late in the case without benefit of pre-testimonial target letter or the equivalent, as did Mr. Rove. But neither have Mr. Fitzgerald's apparent Libby-centric actions been intensely suggestive of in intent to indict that man, either. The reporters writing these articles claim special knowledge, so perhaps Mr. Libby's lawyer has been chattering to them, although it's hard to see why he would do that.

Not much time will tell. We are reportedly to know within the next few minutes.

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